Havana, Cuba, December, 5th-9th , 2011

Agrarian University of Havana, Havana Province, Cuba, organizes the 4th edition of GIS TERRAIN ANALYSIS FOR HYDRO-GEOMORPHIC APPLICATIONS,from 5th to 9th, December, 2011.

 With the patronage of:


(International Commission on Remote Sensing – International Association of Hydrological Sciences)

(International Commission on Remote Sensing – International Association of Hydrological Sciences)


(Istituto Italo Latino Americano)

(Istituto Italo Latino Americano)

The short course introduces participants to the understanding and application of GIS-based terrain analysis principles and tools within hydrologic and geomorphic applications. State-of-the art as well as standard GIS tools are taught during theoretical morning lectures and applied during afternoon labs during the first 4 days, while in the last day participants will develop and present results of their own projects. GIS terrain analysis tools developed by authors together with lecture-lab material will be distributed to participants on a CD.

Organizing Committee:
Hanoi Medina, Maria Elena Ruiz, Gustavo Alonso Brito (Agrarian University of Havana, Cuba).

Scientific Committee:
Salvatore Grimaldi, Andrea Petroselli, Fernando Nardi, Monia Santini (University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy); Nunzio Romano, Giovanni Battista Chirico (University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Rulli Maria Cristina (Milan Polytechnic, Italy), Riccardo Rigon (Trento University).

Invited Instructors:
Salvatore Grimaldi (University of Tuscia), Nunzio Romano (University of Naples Federico II), Andrea Petroselli (University of Tuscia)

Short Course Daily Program (preliminary)
December 5th: Morning: DEM pre-processing for hydrological applications. Afternoon (Lab session): pit, flat areas, and flowdirection models.

December 6th: Morning: Preliminary estimation of hydrogeomorphic attributes from DEMs. Afternoon (Lab session): River network extraction and Width Function estimation.

December 7th: Morning: Infiltration Models for rainfall excess estimation in small and ungauged basin.   Afternoon (Lab session):  SCS-CN and Green-Ampt model applications.

December 8th: Morning: Rainfall-Runoff Geomorphological Models; GIUH, WFIUH model; Design Hydrograph estimation in small and ungauged basins. Afternoon (Lab session):  WFIUH model application.

December 9th: Morning and afternoon: students’ project development and presentation.


Deadlines for application submission:
Submission deadline: June, 15th, 2011.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: 25 participants have currently (1st september) performed the registration, so there are 5 more applications available… new deadline is hence scheduled for september, 20th.

Agrarian University of Havana, Havana Province, Cuba

Early registration (before June, 15th , 2011):                400 €
Late registration (after June, 15th, 2011):                    600 €

Registration fee includes: CD-Rom with Course Materials, accommodation in Agrarian University of Havana Postgraduate Student House (in double room), breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Agrarian University of Havana, Postgraduate Student House (walking distance from Course venue), from December 3rd (included) to December 9th (included).

Maximum number of participants: 30

Please send by e-mail to Gustavo Alonso Brito ( ) containing the following information: NAME….. SURNAME…. POSITION (Graduate Student, PhD Student, PhD, other) ….. AFFILIATION…. ADDRESS (PHONE, MOBILE, E-MAIL)…. Brief Intend Letter….